cticCTIC – Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias do Couro (PT)


CTIC – The Portuguese Technological Centre for the Leather Industry was formally created in 1992, under the initiative of leather companies, the sector’s Association and also with a participation of the Portuguese State. CTIC provides scientific and technological support to the sector, assuming a predominant role in the implementation of new technologies and processes, in the research and development, and in the environment preservation, which leads the sector to the technical sophistication, innovation, process rationalization, cost reduction, productivity gains and differentiation.


INCDTP – Institutul National De Cercetare-Dezvoltare Pentru Textile Si Pielarie (RO)


The Leather and Footwear Research Institute (ICPI) is the Division of the National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP) established in Bucharest since 1951. In Romania INCDTP-ICPI possesses unique expertise and R&D facilities in the field of leather processing, shoe manufacturing and allied fields. In the more recent years the Institute’s dynamic and comprehensive presence at national & international level made possible the development and promotion of interdisciplinary applied research in the following R&D directions: Eco-innovative technologies & advanced materials for leather, rubber and footwear industries; Recycling of wastes in leather and footwear sectors for added value by-products generation; Advanced biomaterials based on collagen with applications in medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics; Medical footwear used in the conservative treatment of the lower limb pathomechanics; Studies regarding environmental factors and degradation degree assessment, conservation and treatment procedures/materials for restoration of collagen based historical objects; Lifelong learning and retraining for new skills and competences development in leather & footwear sectors; Studies and strategies for increasing Romanian leather and footwear sectorial competitiveness and RDI capacity; Improving leather & footwear sector sustainability by integrated quality control and environmental impact monitoring towards eco-efficiency.


CIAPE – Centro Italiano Per L’apprendimento Permanente (IT)


CIAPE is the Italian National Centre for Permanent Learning, a non-profit private organisation. CIAPE is an innovative organization, born with the aim to lead to success a constantly changing community. We believe that only lifelong learning guarantees the individual competitiveness in a global labour market. CIAPE carries out training activities to develop and validate soft skills, as well as competences required in the future labour market. Areas of expertise:

  • Social researches for public & private organisations at regional, national and European levels. Fields: new skills for new jobs, innovative learning media, certification of informal learning, autobiographical methodologies, gender mainstreaming and diversity management;
  • Ad hoc training for adults and companies, in room & online (DL platform, mobile learning solutions for non routine skills development);
  • Recognition and certification of knowledge acquired via non-formal and informal learning;
  • EU projects planning.


Virtual Campus (PT)


Virtual Campus is a development, training and consulting SME in the areas of Information Systems and Technology Enhanced Learning. Its vision is to actively promote the development of the Knowledge Society by supporting public and private entities in the process of designing and developing strategies and projects that lead to increased societal benefits. Virtual Campus staff forms a multidisciplinary team with academic background in areas like Education, Psychology, Engineering, Management and Information Systems. Virtual Campus has successfully produced multimedia e-learning contents for different platforms (desktops, mobile, tablet), in different environments (online, standalone) for different purposes (vocational training, emergency services, higher education, secondary education) and in different scopes (European projects, client contracts). Currently, VC is focussing on the use of Serious Games and Virtual Environments for Education and Training and launched several products for different target groups. Virtual Campus is also one of the leaders of SEGAN, the Serious Game Network, a European group of practitioners and experts in Serious Games.

screenhunter_204-nov-25-20-29CRE.THI.DEV (GR)


CRE.THI.DEV. is a non-profit company aiming at community development through the research and development of action plans, focused on the local and social economies, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, employment and local development. The company establishes close cooperation with local and regional authorities, government authorities and business associations in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development through research and the raising of awareness in local communities towards available development projects. In this framework the company organizes and promotes studies and research projects, participates in European projects, cooperates with universities, companies, government authorities, technological centres and organizations, vocational training centres and business associations, focusing on the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation.

instituto2INESCOP – Instituto Tecnologico Del Calzado Y Conexas (ES)


INESCOP is a service organisation for the footwear and related industries, formed by these companies themselves in order to collectively deal with the technological activities which are of sectorial interest and which cannot be carried out individually. Currently known as the Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries, INESCOP began its activities in 1971 and works as a non-profit making organisation, with more than 600 associated companies in the whole country. INESCOP is especially devoted to the transfer of knowledge in the areas of materials, processes and technologies. In general, short-term courses and specific actions for individual companies are carried out. The areas of expertise INESCOP offers in training courses are footwear quality control, production, materials, adhesion, leather tanning and finishing technology, environment, quality control in footwear lab, comfort in footwear, artistic footwear design, coolhunting, computer aided footwear design and computer aided last, heel and sole design.


Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiebiorczosci – Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (PL) [video]


Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (FPE) is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1991. FPE provides training, consultancy and information services. As regional centre of the National SME Services Network (KSU) and Commune Information Centre (GCI) the Foundation provides information and consultancy services for the enterprises and people planning to start their own business. FPE has trained more than 33.000 people so far. Since 2008 FPE has been a centre of Enterprise Europe Network. FPE initiates activities aimed at developing innovation and cooperation between businesses and R&D centres, building knowledge-based economy and fostering European integration. Since the beginning FPE has been a partner and coordinator of pilot national and international projects, in modern management, export development, IPR protection, textile sector, promotion of science and scientific achievements, corporate social responsibility, employability in the EU and many others.